We Believe in the power of Reciprocity.
That’s why we make gifts on behalf of animal shelters to help them raise money. When adopters receive an adorable, personalized mug with their newly adopted pet on it as a “thank you for adopting gift” from the shelter,  they are more likely to donate to the shelter in the future. Recipawsity works because of the human reciprocity instinct, the universal tendency to feel compelled to repay with a kind action when given a gift.
There's a Big (Hairy) Problem
Across the US, thousands of animal shelters and rescues are working together to modernize our 150-year-old animal services system from warehousing unwanted pets to providing resources to keep families together. And the hard work is paying off: since 2016, animal shelters have reduced the annual number of pets killed for space by 77%. But  shelters need more money to continue this lifesaving progress.  

Shelters lose 78% of Donors in the first year.
In fact, one of the biggest problems facing animal welfare organizations is lack of funding: not because people aren't willing to give, but because shelters lose 78% of new donors in the first year. That's because shelters often operate in crisis mode, and they simply don't have the money, time or people-power to use new fundraising software or automation. Often, they have to rely on outdated tactics like generic email blasts and gala fundraisers. Shelters aren't retaining donors because they aren't connect with people in an approachable way that makes them feel valued - if they're connecting with them at all.

Why we do this
We build innovative technology and services to help animal shelters. You might recognize us as the team behind Adoptimize, the intake software that helps animal shelters generate high quality pet portraits in seconds, which are proven to increase adoption rates, return more pets home, and save shelters money.
Click here to learn more about how our animal shelter software helped 42,836 dogs and cats find homes last year.

We believe that people, nonprofits and corporations need to work together to help each other. Recipawsity helps animal shelters build great relationships with adopters by giving them a gift, and we believe people will pay it forward. We believe in humanity.

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