Custom Pet Portrait Mug


Who wouldn’t want to wake up to this? We’ll customize this ceramic mug with a black and white sketch of your pet on both sides. It’s perfect for coffee, tea and - let’s be honest - it can also hold wine.

  • Ceramic white, 11oz. mug
  • Designed with your pet’s portrait and name on front and back
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe
  • We’ll print and ship within 5-12 business days

Photo Tips (tap or hover for examples)
  • Front-facing shots, clear and in-focus shots using bright light work best.
  • One pet only. We need enough room to showcase your pet.
  • Declutter the space. We want the focus on your pet, not on your stuff.
  • No humans. Sorry…we just don’t want you to be upstaged by your pet’s cuteness.
  • All accessories such as a collar and leash will be KEPT in your portrait.

P.S. Smartphone cameras work great! Just make sure to tap the animal on your camera to focus.
Important: if your image doesn’t meet our criteria, our team may reach out to you to help you find a better image, and this may delay the printing and shipping process. Please, no human genitals.

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Recipawsity is a service built on paying-it-forward.

Our mission is to help animal shelters and rescues build great relationships with new adopters (like you). We partner with shelters to gift custom pet portrait mugs to say thank you for adopting. We offer this service to shelters and adopters for free. In turn, we hope you to pay-it-forward by making a donation to your shelter.